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Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures enable you to leverage other parties’ skills, experience, and resources to achieve a common goal. SNG has over 45-year experience of property and developments and we are currently developing in the region of £35m GDV in property across the Northwest.
We believe we are unique in our approach of controlling as much of the process as possible. Within the group of companies we source, transform, build, and manage using all our own resources and not relying on third parties.

Risk Management

We tend to acquire multiple sites on average around the £150k – £300k area where we can obtain massive increase in value that produce extraordinary returns rather than flagship sites in the millions thereby spreading our risk.
Before we acquire a site, we evaluate the site using a low, medium and high planning risk. A low risk is defined as a site we are confident of a positive outcome, a medium risk is a site we can gather evidence of a likely planning outcome and a high risk is a site that we think is the optimum planning outcome. All sites must stack up based on our low-risk criteria though we have never achieved less than a medium risk outcome.

Mitigating Risk

There is no business that has zero risk and ours in no different. We design our deals to minimise investor risk through a combination of techniques. Most common is using staged payment around the build out process so as the site gets value gains like planning consent, the build progresses we will call off staged payments.

Confidence in Numbers

We are confident on our projected investor outcome and not only underwrite investor capital with a Personal Guarantee from all the directors, but also a minimum of a 15% annual return.

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